How to Plan An Outdoor Patio Party (Use These Tips for Your Outdoor Wedding Too!)

Hitch Studio plans much more than weddings. We plan all kinds of events that are important to YOU and your guests. Let’s plan an outdoor patio party! Here are some tips to get you started:

Tips for planning your party:

Send invitations (use a theme!): Maybe you use a summery, watermelon and bright-colored theme, maybe it’s a roaring 20’s Speakeasy theme, a cooking competition around the grill, or even a piñata party. Suggest having your guests bring their favorite drink so you end up with a drink station full of cocktails, wine, and craft beer!

Your invitations should communicate if this is a “tank top and flip flop party” or a “sundress and sunhat party” or “swimming suit party”. Let your guests know what to wear to be the most comfortable.

Plan your outdoor seating. Will you need to rent or borrow tables and chairs to make sure you have enough?

Plan your activities! Maybe there’s an ice cream bar, lawn games, or an outdoor movie.

Plan a fun menu and include items for any dietary restrictions – or do potluck style! Guests will love bringing their own favorite foods!

Consider having party favors! Have these fit your theme!

Signature cocktails are never a bad idea. Sangria or vodka lemonades, anyone?!

Maybe it’s not exactly a summer outdoor party, but a fall patio party will a bonfire, s’mores, caramel apples and warm drinks.

Tips for setting your tablescape:

Use your theme for inspiration! When in doubt, fresh flowers never go out of style.

Use food or desserts as your centerpiece for a family-style meal! A table-long charcuterie board is also a great idea to get people seated and conversations flowing!

Decorate with lights, lanterns, banners on your pergola or patio.

Tips for hosting the event outdoors:

Consider lighting! Bistro lights hanging above the party, lights illuminating pathways to the sidewalks, etc.

Provide some shade.

Trim your trees, mow the yard, spray for bugs, plant flowers in pots…you know, all the outdoor maintenance things!

Take on a new project: install a fire pit or build a gazebo or an outdoor kitchen. NOW is the time!

Have coolers or drink station stocked. Remember that “bring your favorite drink tip from above?

Have your Bluetooth speaker charged up with an awesome playlist!

Have fans to keep cool air moving and bugs away (and provide bug spray if needed.)

Bring garbage cans outdoors for easy clean up.

Pick up dog toys, pool toys, rakes, branches, garden hoses, etc. from your lawn. Basically, keep your yard as trip-proof as possible.

Turn off your watering system. Because rain coats and soggy hair weren’t part of the dress code.

Remember, just because it’s outdoors, you should still keep your kitchen and bathrooms clean for guests to use.

This is South Dakota weather. Be prepared to move the entire thing indoors because of wind, rain, bugs, etc.

Tell your neighbors that things might get loud and parking might get crowded. Better yet, invite them over!

Ideas for Kids at Your Party:

Have a kiddie-sized swimming pool full of ice and drinks for them to grab-n-go!

Have bubbles, water games, activities and games all set out for them!

Provide foods that they’d like — chips, hot dogs, fruit, etc.

Citronella bracelets are a great idea for active kiddos!

We hope this list of tips will help you have the best (and most relaxing) patio party you could ever throw!

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