How a Wedding Planner Can Help You with Budget, Time, Overwhelm, and Family Dynamics

We get it. You’re engaged! But you’re also:

  • Busy with work and low on time
  • Starting to get overwhelmed with wedding questions and don’t know where to start
  • Having budget concerns
  • Dealing with an interesting family dynamic
  • Trying to plan from afar
  • Wanting unique wedding design ideas that you can’t achieve on your own

How can a wedding planner help with time?

Because that’s what we do. We’re here to help! Does this sound familiar? “We’re both working full-time jobs and don’t have time to plan anything.” Or “We are hoping to get married soon and want to have a short engagement but are worried we don’t have enough time to make it all happen.” Or “We have young children and don’t have time to worry about all the small details. We’re too busy.”

We know it’s tough to try balance everything on your plate. Honestly, that’s why a lot of couples hire Hitch Studio. We work with many busy professionals who want to have a beautiful and memorable celebration but don’t want to get bogged down in the overwhelming research and details which sucks the fun right out of planning. When we work with couples, we streamline the process!

  1. We can be the point of contact for your entire vendor team. So instead of trying to update 10 different businesses, you can just chat with us and we relay all important updates to the team of vendors.
  2. Instead of spending hours and hours researching and vetting vendors, we already have lists of recommended wedding professionals that we can customize to align with your budget, style, and personality.
  3. We put together a wedding day timeline for you! Every detail for every group of people on one sheet.
  4. We can help you prioritize items that need to be done first as we progress month-by-month and tracking everything through a custom checklist.
  5. We use our wedding planner connections and relationships to get faster responses on quotes and availability from vendors you want to use.

How can a wedding planner help with the overwhelm?

Does this sound familiar? “To be honest, we are feeling overwhelmed with it all — who to book, what to spend, in what order to book which vendor. It gets to be a lot.”

We totally get it. Wedding planning can go from fun to super stressful pretty quickly when you’re just getting started and trying to figure everything out. This is our area of expertise. Hitch will be there to guide you through everything from when to send out wedding invitations to how many people fit at a 60” round table and what size linen you’ll need.

  1. Hiring a wedding planner allows you to enjoy the fun parts of planning a wedding (trying on dresses, going to food and cake tastings, music, fun with your bridesmaids, etc.) while we handle the logistics (timeline planning, vendor communication, logistics coordination, etc.)
  2. Hitch Studio has a full set of worksheets so we can pick up wherever you are in the process and fill out the checklist of items together, so everything isn’t so open-ended and scary.
  3. We will also provide etiquette guidance, great examples and options, timeline tips, and ways to personalize your wedding so you don’t find yourself drowning in Google and Pinterest every night.

How can a wedding planner help with budget?

Does this sound familiar? “Everything is more expensive than we originally budgeted for and with the commitments we’ve already made, I’m worried we’re not going to be able to afford everything else.”

Not to fear. We can tell you you’re not alone here and we hope that’s comforting. It’s so smart that you’re ahead of the game in reaching out to a wedding planner. One of the benefits of working with our team in a full-service capacity is that we will help you make smart, educated decisions based on your top priorities and help you save in areas that aren’t as important. If you want, you can share your budget with us and we’ll work through a full budget spreadsheet together to come up with a number that feels good to you. Sometimes budgets are personal and private, and we get that too. We’re here to make recommendations if you need them!

  1. When you work with Hitch Studio, we can provide a full list of recommended vendors, but also a list that fits your budget.
  2. We can provide insight on realistic costs for items.
  3. If you book a 1 Carat, 2 Carat, or 3 Carat package with Hitch Studio, you get access to ALL our decor collection inventory complimentary! That’s right. Use it all for FREE! That’s a money-saver for sure.

How can a wedding planner help with family dynamics?

Does this sound familiar? “My mom wants to be really involved and doesn’t realize this isn’t her wedding.”
Or “My parent and step-parent don’t get along and it’s causing arguments and stress for us.”

We wish we could tell you that it’s the first time we’ve heard this in our meetings, but it’s definitely not. Family dynamics tend to be part of just about every wedding. The good news is that having a wedding planner like Hitch Studio on your side can help ease this one because we are used to dealing with many different personality types and will guide you through the best way to handle some of these difficult conversations.

  1. Families are certainly a blessing, but we know certain dynamics can cause stress. We help make sure your wedding day is about YOU and what you want and not your overly-opinionated family members.
  2. Hitch Studio knows the etiquette as to who walks down the aisle in which order (and who should be pre-seated), so we’re happy to help you navigate some of those sticky situations.
  3. We can bring calm energy to stressful situations and provide an unbiased (and expert) opinion during the planning process.
  4. Plus, we try to learn each family member’s name, so everyone feels included and respected on your big day.

How can a wedding planner help when planning from afar?

This may mean that you’re living in a different city, state, or time zone and trying to plan a wedding in your hometown or anywhere Hitch Studio serves! (South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa are our most common locations, but we’ll go anywhere!) Does this sound familiar? “The logistics of it are stressing us out. We met at ___ place, but now both live in ____, so trying to plan long distance and finding the right vendors has been challenging.”

Yes, planning a wedding in one location and living in another can add another level of stress! One of the major perks of working with Hitch Studio is that:

  1. We can be your liason to provide knowledge of the local vendors/venues to work with.
  2. Because we know the area well, we can offer ideas for guest activities, rehearsal dinner locations, great hotels, and other local details.
  3. Hitch can offer you peace of mind that we will be where you can’t be. We will attend meetings when you can’t. We will see the venue in person when you can’t be there. We’ll start decorating before you even arrive. We’re just there for you.

How can a wedding planner help when you want unique and out-of-the-box design and decorating ideas?

Does this sound familiar? “We don’t want our wedding to be basic and like every other wedding we’ve attended the last year.” Or “I just don’t want my wedding to look like it was pulled straight out of Pinterest but I’m not sure what I DO want just yet.”

Well, this is exactly what we at Hitch Studio LOVE doing the most! In fact, we can always tell when it’s a great fit in meetings when a couple talks about wanting to do something DIFFERENT than everything they see on Pinterest and is wanting to bring to life some out-of-the-box personalized details. We love decorating so the wedding day matches your personality and style! See our portfolio here.

  1. We can take your initial ideas and level them up with additional creativity and inspiration (and we might know of any budget constraints or venue details for making it happen)!
  2. Hitch can bring to life ideas that incorporate the story of you and your partner.
  3. We can do the decorating for you! When Hitch Studio sets up the decor for you, it won’t feel a hodge-podge collection of ideas thrown together. You get to experience your very own custom centerpiece showcase to choose what decor ideas you love and want to see on your wedding day. Then we put all your ideas together in one document that we share with vendors so everyone is on the same “design” page!
  4. We also take down all the decor for you too, so you just get to go home and be married!

If any of this resonated with you, please reach out to us! We’d love to talk about ANY and ALL of this!

On May 21, 2022, Kendra and Nick tied the knot. With their two infant twins and love for simplicity and elegance, take a look at their wedding at Schade Vineyard & Winery on the most perfect day! Blush pink and greenery under a tent with low stress? As a 3 Carat wedding, I think we nailed it.

Thank you to all the vendors who helped make it happen:

Wedding and Reception Venue: Schade Vineyard + Winery

Officiant: Renee Bauman

Florist: Peapods // Hendricks, MN

Limo Bus: Kjergaard Koaches Bus Service

DJ: Al Barber

Cake and Desserts: Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Caterer: The Valley Restaurant & Catering

Photographer: Anna Behning Photography

Photo booth: Greenery Wall // Schade

Makeup and Hair: The Hive

Wedding Planner: Hitch Studio

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