Love always shines through — through the rain, through the paddle boat fire, through the eye makeup. Your love and smiles made this day even more beautiful, Danielle + Jon!

If there’s one thing I admire about Danielle, it’s her ability to smile through anything. (Okay I admire two things — her organization too!) During her bridal shower, the electricity when out at the venue. The tent she rented was damaged beyond repair in a summer storm. It was supposed to rain and be chilly the day of her outdoor wedding. Fireworks went off after the ceremony in honor of their vows…and the paddleboat the fireworks were launched from started on fire. Danielle had an allergic reaction to her eye-makeup the morning of her wedding. The best part? She smiled through all of it. She smiled because she knew she was going to marry Jon no matter what. I love that!

Danielle was one of the most organized brides I’ve ever worked with! I got to work with Danielle, Jon, and both of their wonderful mothers, Julie and Gayla. Even with the possibility of rain all day, they got the outdoor wedding of their dreams at Camp Lakodia in Madison, South Dakota. We rented a 40′ x 160′ tent and decorated with eggplant, rustic accents, and greenery. Her ceremony was held lake-side with a hand-made altar octagon backdrop from her dad and flowers from Grapevines.

Our plan was to make the rain call at 1 p.m. the day of their wedding. At 1 p.m., family, friends and Hitch Studio were all ready to move her chairs, ceremony doors, aisle runner, buckets of flowers for her aisle, and the unity cross either indoors…or set them up outdoors. Jon chose outdoors!! We hustled to make everything happen before their 4 p.m. ceremony. We did it! And it turned out beautifully.

Flowers by Grapevines and greenery by Hitch Studio
Flowers by Grapevines and greenery by Hitch Studio
Geometric altar made by Dan Lemme. Flowers by Grapevines

After the ceremony, Hitch staff, ushers, family and friends all helped to bring the chairs from the outdoor ceremony site inside the tent for dinner. We also transported her guest book table, and aisle decor to the front of the tent as well to make a grand entrance into their reception.

The tables inside were perfectly rustic + eggplant + greenery themed. Just like Danielle wanted! Hitch Studio did the decorating — and the best part was, all the decor is FREE to use when you become a Hitch bride! If you book a 1 Carat Level or higher (up to 3 Carat), you get to use everything in our decor collection at no extra charge! Every vase, lantern, flower, candle, and accent pieces is used to make sure your wedding is as beautiful as it can possibly be. They had 52 tables full of gorgeous wedding decorations by Hitch Studio.

Do you see that amazing ladder hanging over their dance floor with greenery and flowers? That was Grapevines, doing their amazing work! The head table rings were made by the bride, and hung by Hitch Studio. The cakes were made by a family friend and all the potted plants were brought in by the groom’s mother.

One of our favorite details? They filled a little boat with pop and water as a beverage station for the night! Such a fun, personal detail! Take a look at ALL the decor.

Flowers by Grapevines
The bride grew these mini white pumpkins!

The mother of the groom made the cutest little treats for guests during social hour that Hitch helped serve so she could enjoy herself. After a champagne toast, Hitch staff helped coordinate the sparkler celebration for Danielle and Jon! Just one more element to their day that made it so special!

My honest opinion? If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony, an outdoor/tent reception, or a sparkler exit it increases the reasons you should hire a wedding planner. Like by 100%. If you’re having all three — an outdoor ceremony, tent reception AND a sparkler exit — you should definitely hire a wedding planner to coordinate all the details (like executing a rain plan and drunk people with fire sticks in the dark). And Danielle and Jon chose Hitch Studio! Whoo! We were thrilled! We can handle rain, chairs, sparklers, and everything in between.

Set up a meeting with Renee today to talk about the details of your wedding and how Hitch Studio can take the stress away. You’re supposed to enjoy your wedding day — no matter what might happen. 🙂

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