Tips for Using Sparklers at Your Wedding


We LOVE a great sparkler photo op! Your wedding party, family and guests always think it’s such a joy to grab a sparkler and act like a kid on the 4th of July again! These photos will turn out so cute and you’ll be glad you decided to incorporate sparklers into your wedding! Enjoy these tips for using sparklers at your wedding reception after the sun goes down:

  • Include just your wedding party — or the entire party.
  • Decide if you want just your wedding party holding sparklers for your photos or if you want hundreds of guests holding sparklers.
  • Decide if you want one sparkler per person or one for each hand (two per person!)
  • Appoint someone to order them, bring them, unwrap them, put them in a cute vase/vessel, light them, and extinguish them. **Ahem…Hitch Studio!
  • Be sure to check with the venue and make sure sparklers are allowed. Sometimes they allow them on pavement, but not grass (or other special rules like that).


Sparklers look the best at sunset or when it’s completely dark, so it’s best when you can work sparklers into your timeline just after the bride and groom come back from sunset pictures (and have the wedding party all lined up to welcome them back!) or to conclude the evening as an exit celebration. Something to consider: If you choose the end of the night, be ready for some intoxicated people to be handling them. Again…Hitch Studio to the rescue!


Your wedding planner (Hitch Studio, of course!) can coordinate this effort. We will have containers to store the unwrapped sparklers in and have enough people handing them out. We recommend the sparklers that are about 36″ long, last four minutes, and don’t give off smoke. We promise those kind will make for the best photos!

Have the DJ announce that sparklers will be happening in 10-15 minutes so people can make their way outside, grab a sparkler, and get lined up. If you have Hitch Studio helping you, we will use a blow torch to light multiple sparklers at once. We also start at both ends of the “line” so the sparklers are lit at approximately the same time.

Hitch Studio lighting sparklers // Photo by Erica Lynn Photography
Hitch Studio lighting sparklers // Photo by Erica Lynn Photography


The photographer will coach you in what to do, but try these poses:

  • Hold hands while you run through the tunnel of sparklers and look at each other.
  • Stop in the middle of the tunnel and do a dip, twirl, and kiss.
  • Have everyone with a sparkler get behind you and wave their sparklers high while you kiss in front of the sparkling crowd.
  • Both the bride and groom can hold a sparkler criss-crossed and kiss behind them.

After the sparklers have completely burned out, have your wedding planner or venue coordinator collect them in buckets of water. Afterwards, your wedding planner will lay them on cement or gravel and extinguish them fully with water before disposing.

Sparklers give an amazing glow to those pictures at dusk, but they also take a lot of care in handling and disposing of properly. Plan ahead and tell your wedding planner, videographer, DJ, and photographer that sparklers are part of your day! If you’re unsure about them, take a look at these amazing photos and decide!

Contact Hitch Studio today if you’d like us to coordinate your sparkler exit — and your entire wedding. We’d love to make this your best day ever!! Did you enjoy these wedding day tips? Want more just like it? Our wedding planner guide book, the Wedding Day Designer has these helpful tips and MUCH more within its 158 pages! You’ll love it. Click here to find out more.

Photo by Chelsea Jean Photography
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography

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