Sure, we love styling a good South Dakota wedding here at Hitch…but when a gold polka dot and black striped graduation party comes up, we’re in!

First of all, congratulations, Hannah, on your Brookings High School graduation!

Here are some cute ideas for your graduation party:

  1. You know that EVERYONE will be using your school colors in their invitation and party…why not change it up? Why not choose colors that reflect YOUR style? Check out Hannah’s below. She chose black and gold — modern with sparkle.  🙂
  2. Print a canvas with your favorite senior picture on it — then have your guests sign the edge of the print! In this case, we used gold markers on Hannah’s black canvas.
  3. Choose a location that has an indoor-outdoor option. Guests loved that they could eat inside, but mingle outside. Hannah’s party was at the Brooking Country Club. When the scenery is beautiful as-is, there’s not much decorating to do!
  4. Even your desserts can match your theme! We did black and white cupcakes with fun-patterned straws, chocolate-dipped Oreos, pretzels and strawberries with gold sprinkles!
  5. We know this isn’t a wedding, so no need to go overboard, but we would suggest having one eye-catching table. We made one table into Hannah’s center of attention. It had a black sequin table linen, gold platters of desserts (like polka dots!) and 2-0-1-6 balloons above it with gold polka dot garland to decorate above the table!
  6. Have simple centerpieces. We put gold chocolate treats at each table, along with a simple black and gold centerpiece.
  7. Showing glimpses of you growing up. We highly recommend a table full of photos of you growing up (school pics!), a video slideshow, even some awards you’ve won to get you to this monumental day. Guests will love seeing pictures of you growing up.

So, if you’re having a wedding, a graduation party, an anniversary party, a birthday party, or even a corporate event, Hitch can help decorate, coordinate and bring it all together!

Wanna see another Graduation party Hitch Studio styled for? Check this out!


HannahGrad_1 HannahGrad_3 HannahGrad_4 HannahGrad_5 HannahGrad_7 HannahGrad_8



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