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Centerpiece Styling: A One-on-One Wedding Workshop

Bring your girls on November 6 and enjoy drinks and cupcakes during your one-on-one fun personalized centerpiece workshop with Renee, the wedding planner at Hitch Studio! Bring your wedding reception vision to life as we mix-and-match decor items, choose colors and options, and create some custom centerpiece options. If you’ve started collecting some items you’d like to incorporate,…

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Modern Non-Floral Centerpiece Options

Floral arrangements as centerpieces can be beautiful, but also costly. If you’re looking for some cost-effective options for modern, trendy, yet inexpensive non-floral centerpiece options, here are some ideas! Hitch Studio rents many of the decorations you see below if you’re interested. If you just need a consultation for more non-floral centerpiece options or cost-effective…

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Wedding Greenery Centerpiece

Hitch Design Studio had the pleasure of styling the look of the table for The Union (a bridal tradeshow and David Tutera combo event)! Our inspiration colors were slate gray, navy blue, accents of gold, and overflowing greens. What do you think of how it turned out!? Huge thank you’s to these wedding professionals who…

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