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Creative Unity Ceremony Ideas

Unity ceremonies are a wonderful way to commemorate a marriage and a meaningful way to celebrate the lifelong union you’re about to make to your spouse. It’s important to find one that’s right for you! There are so many unique ideas to choose from. Unity candles stand the test of time, and are make a wonderful…

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11 Ways to Make Your Wedding Venue STAND OUT

This has to be one of our favorite weddings so far. They’re ALL our favorites, of course (like children…how do you choose a “favorite”?!), but this wedding reception is the best example of how to make your wedding venue stand out and leave your guests wowed! The wedding reception of Andrew and Alexis was one…

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33 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Planning a wedding comes with a million decisions. Before you get swept up by ideas you find in magazines, blogs and Pinterest, talk to your honey about what makes your relationship unique — and then start making decisions as a couple based on that. That will help you focus on creating a day that’s truly…

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