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Archive for August 2016

Having a DIY wedding? Let Hitch Studio DIFY (Do It For You)

Pinterest is the greatest (and lets be real — cruelest) invention ever. With endless amounts of ideas, concepts, crafts, techniques and life hacks, this site is a marketplace for collecting ideas and collaboration. Many businesses utilize Pinterest for showing pins of home décor, appetizing food, stylish women and seemingly effortless arts and crafts. Hitch Studio…

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An Adele to remember!

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an Adele concert with some very close friends. I knew that the concert would be truly amazing because, well, it’s Adele and she has a beautiful voice. What I was not expecting was the level of branding and attention to detail during the entire concert experience! Being a…

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5 Things Every Busy Woman Needs from Hitch Studio

I’m entering my senior year at South Dakota State University (SDSU), located in Brookings, South Dakota, and after participating in move-in days, mid-terms, finals weeks and everything in between a couple times, I’ve learned a few things. Like any senior, I have my fair share of responsibilities with student organizations and various jobs. Along with…

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What Happened When I Wrote 15 Cards in 15 Days

Yes, that’s right. Pen to paper. I wrote 15 cards in 15 days with meaningful messages. Not emails, not text messages, not Facebook messengers, not Snapchats. I wrote 15 hand-written notes and mailed the cards to friends, coworkers, peers, family and other business owners! Confession: I DO own a stationery store (which sells the cutest cards…

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