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Sami and Gunner had a beautiful vision for their wedding day, in their hometown of Faulkton, South Dakota. They knew they wanted to have the reception at the Faulkton Legion, where all the locals held their weddings, but they wanted to elevate the space, so it was unique. From the beginning, I could tell it was going to be beautiful – thanks to Sami’s vision, Gunner’s “go-with-the-flow attitude,” their friends, family and Hitch Studio to all help make it happen. From the moment Hitch arrived in the day prior, we fell in love with this town! Everyone was so friendly, accommodating, and helpful throughout our 3-day stay in the community.

The Faulkton Legion has been home to many local events – including weddings, school plays, dances and more! It’s a historic space and holds lots of memories from these small-town events. The space includes a large open wood floor and walls, 3’ tall stage with steps, 12’ tall ceilings, 6’ round tables, 6’ rectangle tables, folding chairs, restrooms, and kitchen. The building has an ADA ramp which is helpful for loading and unloading. The building has all the amenities needed to host an event – it needed some creative imagination and embellishments to transform it into a beautiful reception space!

It was a group effort to get the space transformed! The couple, along with their family and friends set up the space with all the tables. They purchased their own white chair covers and put them on all 250+ chairs. They built their own wood backdrop from pallets as a photo op and used old wood doors as frames for pictures. They rented 4’ tall letters to place on the dance floor and Hitch Studio hung bistro lights and fabric from the ceiling, drapes in some areas to cover areas of wall, along with table linens and centerpieces as final the final touch!

Ceiling installations – lights, drapes, greenery, or a combination of any can truly transform a space into an elegant atmosphere. By adding elements to a celling, this creates visual appeal, brings warmth to a space, and enhances the overall ambiance of an event.

Here’s how ceiling installations can enhance a space:

  1. Relaxes the Space:
    Your venue may have unattractive ceiling features, such as exposed framing or hardware and ceiling installations can soften the appearance of some of these elements.  Ultimately, creating a more welcoming and elegant atmosphere!
  2. Creates a warm + intimate space:
    If a space is excessively large, adding installations brings the ceiling lower – helping to define the space as smaller. Creating a cozier atmosphere; giving it a more romantic feel.
  3. Adds Elegance + Sophistication:
    Whether it’s flowing fabric, textured greens or warm lighting, they add sophistication to elaborate elements to wedding décor. It brings a sense of extravagance to the overall aesthetic. 
  4. Enhances the Lighting:
    When fabric interacts with light – uplighting, string lights or the venue lights, it creates a more magical feel. The fabric helps spread the light, giving off a glow that is relaxed and dreamy.
  5. Personal to your style:
    Greenery installed will bring a lot of texture to a space and would be a perfect way to add beautiful coloring. White chiffon fabric is perfect to enhance any classic style or bring cohesiveness to a space that is missing elegance. String lights are a great add to any space that has harsh/bright lighting, to bring a romantic candlelit feel to a venue. Ceiling installations really help enhance the style and overall mood of the reception; creating a soft elegance or a dramatic effect with bold textures, colors and light options to help bring the couple’s vision to life.
  6. Creates a Focal Point:
    Highlighting the dance floor with a canopy above it or drapes hanging above the sweetheart table – drawing the eye upward to create a more dramatic space with dimension and focus to areas.
  7. Conceals unwanted elements:
    Additional to unattractive ceiling features, hanging drapes, lights or greenery can help hide other elements of a space such as unsightly walls, wall hangings, doorways or other areas.

Overall, ceiling installations are a great way to transform a space and bring elegance and beauty. Let us help elevate your space and set the mood for your wedding day. Hitch Studio would love to bring your dream reception to life and enhance your style and venue with a ceiling installation. You can do the dreaming and we’ll do the work, so you can fully enjoy your wedding day! Schedule a FREE consultation with any of our Certified Wedding Planners!

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