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Using Multiple Shades of Purple for your Wedding Colors

You know you want purple as one of your wedding colors, but can’t decide which shade of purple — lavender, dusty purple, bright purple or plum. You love them all! We think our wedding with Taylor and Riley pulled it off perfectly. They used many shades of purple at their wedding and it all looked…

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Tips for Getting Ready the Morning of Your Wedding Day

Yay! It’s finally your wedding day. It feels like you’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for forever now. Getting ready with your bridesmaids is a fun experience that you’ll treasure with them for years to come. Choose a location for this that will provide enough space (and mirrors) for everyone and will allow…

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Trending Wedding Colors for 2018: Burgundy and Dusty Purple

If there are two wedding colors that are trending in 2018, they’re definitely burgundy and dusty purple. Brides are mostly pairing burgundy with blush pink, gold and navy. I put this vision board together for a bride (inspired by Pinterest), and she loved it! We call it burgundy, but marsala, deep cranberry, wine, dark red,…

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